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Notes for assembly and use of PU hose

2016-12-03 01:04


1.Conduct visual inspection or test to check whether the external diameter and external diameter of PU hose meet standards of size marked on the hose, wall thickness of cross section at the ends of PU hose should meet standards of size marked on the hose. Wall thickness calculating formula is (external diameter-internal diameter)/2=wall thickness, the size error standards comply with the state or industry requirements.  

2.Conduct visual inspection or test to check whether the thickness of cross section at the ends of PU hose is uniform, if deviation out of error scope was found, cut off a small section or more sections from the PU hose and test, continue to use after passing through the test, nonuniform wall thickness may cause the PU hose to fracture after bearing pressure.

3.Check whether there is air bubble, black spot or particle at the surface of PU hose, if found, please check the PU hose again carefully, if not serious, please do not use it for assembly, but replace in time, if you continue to use, PU hose would fracture after bearing pressure.  

4.Check whether there is collapse on PU hose surface, collapse features of PU hose are as follows: the PU hose is felt sticky by hand, and PU hose shows dim appearance, changing from transparent color to milky or muddy, the collapsed PU hose would fracture after being bent for several times. Please do not use the collapsed PU hose for assembly, but replace in time.  

5.In cutting PU hose, it should be noted that: we strongly suggest the user to adopt a professional hose cutter (vary from using effect of flexible scissors) for cutting PU hose. Use of professional hose cutter will keep a flat and round cross section for PU hose orifice, in assembly, PU hose orifice should be vertically inserted to the bottom of the joint button and drawn out for test once to ensure successful connection.  

6.The center line between PU hose and joint button should not exceed 30 degrees during operation. While bending PU hose, please pay attention to the requirement to the minimum bending radius, excessive winding, tension or twist of PU hose will make a direct effect on its performance to crack.

7.PU hose should be arranged away from heat source or surface of exhaust hose of engine. If necessary, PU hose should be provided with sleeve or protection screen to prevent heat damage to the hose; if it is required to intersect or friction with surface of mechanics may occur during operation, hose clamp or spring should be used to prevent damage to the external layer of the rubber hose.    

8.During installation, PU hose should not be tensioned, even if the two ends of the hose fail to do relative movement, the hose should be kept loose, the tensioned hose will expand under the pressure to reduce its strength.

9.During installation, PU hose should not be twisted. Slight twist of PU hose may reduce its strength and loosen joint, the joint should be screwed down on the hose in assembly, not the hose screwed down on the joint.  

10.If PU hose is equipped to a key part, we suggest to carry out regular inspection or replacement.

11.PU hose should be used in a principle of first in and first out, the PU hose with early production date should be used first.    

12.PU hose should be stored in dark and ventilated place away from direct sunligt, or should not be piled in wet place for long time.  

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