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Performance data

2016-12-03 01:15

1.Air tightness: while conducting an air tightness test under pressure of 0.1MPa, keep the ventilation hose from air leakage for 1min.

2.Hydraustatic performance: under environment temperature of 23+/-2 Celsius degrees, the hydraustatic performance meets regulations of form 1.

Working  pressure(Mpa)Test pressure(Mpa)Burst pressure(Mpa) Size change under test pressure          
Lengthpercentge % Diameterpercentage %

Under test pressure, the ventilation hose should be free of any leakage, fracturing or other damage phenomenon.

3.Bending property: the ventilation hose should avoid occurence of collapse.

4.Low-temperature bending property: while testing the ventilation hoseat a minimum bending radius of decuple nominal bore diameter at -10 Celsius degrees, there should be no fracturing phenomenon, and after recovering to the environment temperature under the room temperature (not less than 3h), conduct an air tightness test on the sample, there should be no leakage.  

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