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Physical properties

2016-12-03 01:24

1.Meetregulations of form 2


Tensile strength

≥ 15 Mpa
Elongation at break≥ 250%
Aging : 70℃±2℃,7dproperties≤ 15%

Change rate of tensile strength

≤ 25%

2.Liquidresistance: immerse a sample of ventilation hose in #120 gasoline at a roomtemperature of 23+/-2 Celsius degrees, weight change of the sample after 24hwas not greater than +/-10%.

3.Gas permeation test: take a ventilation hosewith length of 900mm, feed propane-containing gas in concentration of more than98% into the ventilation hose, then exert pressure of 55.99kPa in the sample,after ventilating for 24h, and measure the gas amount permeating the sample in6h, keep it no more than 5ml/h.  

Favorable properties

Excellent flexibility

Small bending radius, bending resistance

Resistance to abrasion, collision and tear

High elastic return memory effect

Accomodate flammable objects to flow, beingwelded

And resistance to oils and part ofnon-corrosive chemicals

Burn into ashes 100%, and approvedenvironment-friendly products

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