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Two-color welded hose

Brand: Newbakers
Name: Two-color welded hose
Colour: Red/Blue
Unit: Volume

Two-color welded hose:


Theproduct is applied to gas transfer in fields of welding machineries, gascutting, civil engineering and so on, and further applied to gas welding andcutting.


1.We adopt self-developed PVC colloidal particle and carry out industry-grade treatment to produce congeneric products varied from other products in the market.

2.Bright appearance, and more like art work.

3.The product is characterized in resistance to abrasion, aging, high temperature and low temperature, and resilience flexibility;

4.The hoses in different colors are easy to tell different gases, thus guaranteeing use safety;

5.Working temperature is ranged from -10 Celsius degrees to +70 Celsius degrees.


No. ModelSpecificationKG/ VolumeW.P./BARB.P./BARColour
de mmd mmL m
04372001KS-810SSG81410 /40160Red / Blue
04372002KS-815SSG81415 /40160Red / Blue
04372003KS-820SSG81420/40160Red / Blue
04372004KS-825SSG81425/40160Red / Blue
04372005KS-830SSG81430/40160Red / Blue

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