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High-Pressure Gas Hose
General transparent water delivery network hose
Special garden hose
Automation equipment hose
High-pressure gas hose (low temperature resistance model)
Oxygen hose/acetylene hose
Two-color welded hose
Yellow high-pressure gas hose
Gas hose
General transparent water delivery network hose
Nylon Hose
High-pressure covered yarn spray hose of five-layer structure
Special garden hose
Special garden hose
Special garden hose
Special garden hose
PU Hose
PU covering yarn series
EVA Hose
Bourdon Hose

As an innovator of tool system service, Guangdong Newbakers Industrial Co.,Ltd. has been oriented to produce matching tools for equipment in manufacturing industry, serve the intelligent manufacturing industry, and dedicated to be a growth oriented enterprise in research and development, inspection and service of PVC hoses, electric tools, pneumatic tools, hand tools, automobile accessories, mechanical hardware, and special hoses, including PVC flexible hose, PU hose, EVA flexible hose, two-color hose, oxygen hose, acetylene hose, oxygen acetylene hose, water delivery hose, high-voltage hose, ventilation hose, PVC silicon fiberglass sleeving, gas hose and special hoses for robot, and even tools for people’......


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Environment protection means to keep ecological balance and maintain a sustainable development, as an environmentally aware company, Newbakers will keep a harmonious relation between human beings and environment.

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